“SR Building Services, LLC has been providing RAM services for a number of properties under the management of Wallace Properties, Inc for several years. This preventative maintenance program has allowed us to be proactive with our roof maintenance, in turn saving money on unexpected leak calls. The number of leak calls we get have reduced substantially as a result of the RAM program and the quality of service provided by SR Building Services. We highly recommend the RAM Program.”

Felicia Tsao, Property Management Division President, Wallace Properties

“The RAM program through SR Building Services helps me control expenses for my clients and ensure that maintenance is getting completed on the roof. One of the more expensive capital expenditures is a new roof, so when we are able to extend its life and control repair service calls the program pays for itself. In addition, the detailed documentation with pictures of what was completed at each visit is very important. These items make it an easy and important recommendation for all of my clients.”

Cory O’Brien, Property Manager, JSH Properties